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Aug 2017


Rep Explorer, TestNet, Wallet 0.1

At the moment the application is in the stage of closed alpha testing. Write a request for if you want to get access in closed tests.
September 2017


1 September - Open test and Upstairs App (mainnet) release, Github account. Wallets updates, Facebook Id support. Preparing KPI for the Coreteam.

October 2017


App Desktop version release. 17-27 October - Tokensale, adding public's profile support. Website 2.0 - new visual for mass adoption, improve users profiles, wallet updates. Instagramm Id support.

November 2017

Global me

Improve Global Mainnet Explorer with customer contactlist integration, search and analytics. Upstairs dApps Accelerator.

December 2017


Full Update ecosystem, Reputation Center - tools for analytics your reputation, special promotion campaign. New algorithm "Watcher" for reputation.

Winter 2017


dApps Marketplace, Mobile App release, full support third-party identity

Spring 2018

Reputation Node

Fast, secure Node for reputation caltulation. User's smartcontracts. dApps developers support programms.

Summer 2018


Mass Adoption, Corporative profiles. You can rate everything and use your Reputation in real life.

The Upstairs

Early Announsment, Weekley Digest, Timelines, AMA and Livestreams.

Upstairs Social

Upstairs - Decentralized Reputation

A distinctive feature of UpStairs Network is a reputational algorithm that allows you to evaluate a personal rating without disclosing private information of user.

Tokensale campaign

Tokensale Dates

17-27 October 2017

Starts in

Tokensale Details
Total Supply 10,000,000 UPS
Max Sale Supply 8,000,000 UPS
Token UPS Price 1 ETH = 1000 UPS
First Day Price 1 ETH = 1337 UPS

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