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13 Feb 2018

Upstars 2.0 coming

Dear friends! The project is unfrozen. We completely revised the economics model towards accessibility for any user. We are glad to present you a new Upstairs 2.0. There will be more news in the near future!

21 Aug 2017

Upstars Promotion Movie

Watch the Upstairs promotional video - 2 minutes for a full understanding of how to Upstairs works and why you need it.

At the moment the application is in the stage of closed alpha testing. Write a request for if you want to get access in closed tests.
19 Aug 2017

Upstars Roadmap

Let's look at the roadmap. We have an excellent website. We are close to the release of the alpha version of the application. In the application, almost all the planned functionality is available. Basic algorithm for calculating reputation is ready for work. Work is underway on the next version of the algorithm, which takes into account many more factors. Ready reputation service - reputation map. Also we are starting promotion company in a few days.

09 Aug 2017

Upstars App Update

Hurry up to see the new version of the application Upstairs! We have added a lot of useful features. You can easily accept and send invites. Profile management has never been so easy: add a picture and just add a name. Your invites and contacts are now in the same place! View the story, manage your balance in just a few clicks!

23 July 2017

Upstars Marketplace - Winter 2017

The Upstairs Reputation System offers unlimited possibilities for using ratings. Identification, financial p2p services, rating of organizations, relationships are only a part of the possibilities of applications from independent developers. See special promotion site dapps.Upstairs.

11 July 2017

Testnet Explorer 0.1

The Upstairs Testnet Explorer - monitor transactions and distribution of ratings in a test network. Watch Demo Explorer

04 July 2017

First blog post!

The Upstairs Tokensale Campaign starts on September 17 2017 and runs until September 27th. Full information will be available in whitepaper.

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A distinctive feature of UpStairs Network is a reputational algorithm that allows you to evaluate a personal rating without disclosing private information of user.

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