Reputation App

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How it Works?

Using blockchain technology allows you to build a network of estimates that is not subject to editing and preserves the exact dates of the valuation. Global system of assessments and interrelations allows you to dynamically display the rating for each network user.

upstairs app ui

The availability of records and common criteria allow you to build a rating that will reflect the person’s character.

One token - more dApps


Use Upstairs as an identity confirmation without disclosing personal data.


Upstairs offers an excellent opportunity to receive feedback from customers

P2P Finance

Use Upstair's reputation for making a decision to grant a credit or escrow.

Job Skills

Finding a job or hiring an employee with upstairs guarantees a complete purity of professional skills

Private & Public

Set up access to account information for different situations - for friends, for colleagues, for public places.

Wieght or Rating Start

Using the application will not only assess the surrounding people, but also understand their own place in society and see the possibility of changing it.

Rating Calculation

The application have a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to instantly assess and monitoring changes of your reputation in real time.

Explore Upstairs

Learn more about Upstairs - follow to reputation through explorer. Join to developers of the applications based on Upstairs token and keep up to date with the latest Blog updates and Roadmap