A Decentralized
Reputation System

Open Source Project based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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Decentralized Reputation

Upstairs is a decentralized next-generation application that takes advantage of blockchain to determine an independent person’s reputation based on the rankings of other people

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The distinctive feature of UpStairs Network is a “reputational algorithm” that allows you to evaluate a personal person’s rating without disclosing any private information of the user.

Upstairs Teaser

Watch the Upstairs promotional teaser - 2 minutes for a full understanding of how to Upstairs works and why you need it.

Testnet Open!

Upstairs App closed alpha test starting!

Write a request mail test@upstairs.me or join to Upstairs Slack, if you want to join to Test.

Blockchain Reputation

Using blockchain technology allows you to build a network of estimates that can't be edited. The Global system of assessments and interrelations allows you to dynamically display the rating for each network user. The availability of records and common criteria build a rating that will reflect the person's character.

Control your Data

The application stores all the information on the user's device (contact list, list of identifiers and personal data of the network user - name and graphic image).

Native UI

The application have a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to instantly assess and monitoring changes of your reputation in real time.

Private Node

The development of the application lies in the direction of creating a personal private node that allows you to identify your own and other people's identities on the basis of non-dependent algorithms. Using the application will not only assess the surrounding people, but also understand their own place in society and see the possibility of changing it.

What is UPS?

UPS is a digital asset that created to record estimates between users. Evaluation is the transfer of a certain number of reputation tokens to another user's address, some of which are the evaluation criterion (from 0.001 to 0.005 UPS). The Transactions of a larger size are not taken into account when ranking, they are voluntary.

Reputation algorithm

The algorithm for calculating reputation is based on the network graph that public, which allows it to evolve depending on the development of the network. The basic algorithm "Observer" (PreAlpha time) is the arithmetic mean of all user marks. The obtained value of the user's reputation will be guaranteed to be in the range from 1 to 5 (based on the arithmetic mean).

Join to Upstairs

At the moment the application is in the stage of closed alpha testing. Write a request for test@upstairs.me if you want to get access in closed tests.




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White Paper

White Paper v 1.0

White paper is a prealpha version and is in a constant state of change. We are welcome to any user activity and we are open to suggestions.

Upstairs Features

Complete Honesty

No one will ever be able to change the history of his reputation - trust the facts, not the first impression.

Convenient to use

User evaluation takes only a few seconds - quickly, simply, competently.

Reliable Reputation

Reputation algorithms take into account all the factors that affect the valuation of other people.

Better than Lie Detector

Use the application in everyday life to detect lie - when hiring, when you go on a date or communicate with a stranger.

Know your neighbor

The first impression will never deceive you again - you will know with whom you are dealing.

Improve your reputation

The Application will allow you to assess your behavior and correct your weaknesses.

Upstairs Core